Prospective Mentor Artist Database:

Erica Moody / Waldoboro / Metals – hardware and utensils – power sanding, power tools, hand tools, fabrication, finishing engineering / / 207-832-1777 /

Malley Weber / Hallowell / Clay- ceramic art, functional work / / 207-607-1011 /

J.M. Syron / Brunswick / Textiles (fashion) – apparel design, pattern design and fabrication, leather apparel fabrication and manipulation, unique material resourcing. / / 207-352-8426 /

Aaron Margolis / Ellsworth / Green woodworking, woodcarving – spoon + bowl carving / / 207-469-5577 /

Nisa Smiley / Ellsworth / Metalsmithing – PMC, mold-making, antique shell buttons/ / 207-266-3812 /


REGISTER as a Prospective CAP Mentor Artist:

Maine craft artists interested in participating in the Craft Apprentice Program as a mentor artist but who do not currently have an apprentice with whom to apply may register to be listed in the database.

Deadline to apply for 2021 Program: December 8, 2021.


  1. Read the self-assessment list below to decide if you qualify and are interested.
  2. Express your interest via this GoogleForm.
  3. Be added to the Prospective Mentor Artist Database.
  4. Apprentices contact you directly.
  5. If a match is made, apply by deadline: December 8, 2021.
  6. Proceed as any other pair.

Self Assessment Tool: 

  • Do you consider yourself a highly experienced career craftsperson?
  • Have you developed exceptional aesthetics and technique in your craft?
  • Have you built a career around being a craft artist?
  • Are you an active member of the craft community?
  • Do you enjoy talking to others about your craft?
  • Would you enjoy a 1:1 style of teaching?
  • Have you developed a sense of value for business development, marketing and research which has furthered your career in craft?
  • Do you have a studio that could be used for hosting and teaching your apprentice?
  • Are you willing to be listed as a perspective CAP mentor artist and able to accommodate inquiries from prospective CAP apprentices?