Our Program
The Maine Craft Apprentice Program (CAP) lasts for seven months, March through September. Applicants apply jointly, providing clear, agreed upon goals, a basic plan for how goals will be achieved, and a proposed budget for the apprentice’s honorarium. Both must submit images of current work.

Eligibility requires participants to be at least eighteen years of age, current Maine or New Hampshire residents, and apprentices must demonstrate foundational skills in the medium they wish to pursue. The program supports craft artists working in craft media, which does not include photography, painting or drawing. Please contact us if you are unsure if your media qualifies.


Selection Process
Applications are reviewed by a panel of Maine or New Hampshire professionals for a first round elimination. The panel also interviews the finalist pairs with awards given to three or more joint applicants.


Both mentor artist and apprentice receive honorariums based on a recommended one hundred hours of one-on-one training ($3000 to the mentor, $1000 to the apprentice). The honorarium for the mentor artist covers their time and transference of knowledge/expertise, while the apprentice’s funds are for supplies/equipment.


A majority of the training happens at the mentor artist’s studio. Occasionally they visit other studios or events of relevance to their goals. Although we provide a distinct structure for implementation, MaineCAP also allows for adaptations as the pair sees fit to maximize the experience for each. MaineCAP requires that the pair submit interim and final reports.


Alumni Network
To promote sustainability, the MCA/MAC will invite current participants and alumni to convene annually to discuss outcomes of MaineCAP, as well as to develop networking and foster further mentoring.

Program Partnerships 

The Maine Craft Apprentice Program was established in 2016 by the Maine Crafts Association in partnership with the Maine Arts Commission. The Maine Crafts Association manages the program with program logistics support and funding in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. The Craft Apprentice Program is also supported by other annual program partners, sponsors and foundations. In 2023, we began partnering with the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen to expand the program into our neighboring state, offering more opportunities for artists in New England.


Want to apply but need a match? Apprentices: Check our database of available mentor artists. Mentors: Register to be added to the database.

Applicant Match Making