Our Program
The Maine Craft Apprentice Program (MaineCAP) lasts for seven months, March through September. Applicants apply jointly, providing clear, agreed upon goals, a basic plan for how goals will be achieved, and a proposed budget for the apprentice’s honorarium. Both must also submit resumes and images of current work.


Eligibility requires participants to be at least eighteen years of age, current Maine residents, and apprentices must demonstrate foundational skills in the medium they wish to pursue.


Selection Process
Applications are reviewed by a panel of Maine professionals for a first round elimination. The panel also interviews the finalist pairs with awards given to three or more joint applicants.


2018 Jury Panel

  • Margaret M. Aiken
    Linde Family Foundation Coordinator of School and Teacher Programs, Colby College Art Musuem
  • Linda Perrin, CAP 2016 Master Artist
    Artist/Owner, Atlantic Art Glass, & Island Artisans
    Founder/Executive Director, Artsworth
  • Carolyn S. Wollen
    Trustee, Betterment Fund
    Advisor, Maine Fiber Arts


Both receive honorariums based on a recommended one hundred hours of one-on-one training ($3000 to the master, $1000 to the apprentice). The honorarium for the master artist covers their time and transference of knowledge/expertise, while the apprentice’s funds are for supplies/equipment.


A majority of the training happens at the master’s studio. Occasionally they visit other studios or events of relevance to their goals. Although we provide a distinct structure for implementation, MaineCAP also allows for adaptations as the pair sees fit to maximize the experience for each. MaineCAP requires that the pair submit interim and final reports.


The Exhibition
To close the program, all artists participate in an exhibition at a highly attended venue. Maine Magazine is the exclusive magazine sponsor of the program exhibition Masters & Apprentices: Work from Maine’s Craft Apprentice CAP-Sponsor-Logo-MM_Logo_180px_BLACK3Program, on view at Caleb Johnson Studio, 110 Exchange Street in Portland, ME October 3-31, 2017 and featuring work created by master and apprentice artists in 2017. The public is invited to an opening reception for the exhibition from 4-7pm on October 6.


Alumni Network
To promote sustainability, the MCA/MAC will invite current participants and alumni to convene annually to discuss outcomes of MaineCAP, as well as to develop networking and foster further mentoring.

MaineCAP Timeline for 2018
October 1, 2017: Application available
December 8, 2017, 4pm: Application Deadline
January 2018: Finalists notified and in-person interviews held
February 2018: 2018 MaineCAP Participants Announced
March 2018: Participant Contracts Due & First honorarium payments made
March 2018: Apprenticeship begins
May 2018: First Report Due
July 2017: Second Report Due and Studio Visits with MCA Staff Held
September 2018: Apprenticeship ends
October 2018: Maine Craft Weekend / Master Apprentice Exhibition
October 2018: CAP Alumni Gathering
October 2018: Final reports due & final percent of honorarium paid

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline?

Your application must be submitted by 4pm on Friday, December 8, 2017.  The timeline can be found when you scroll up this page.

Do Master and Apprentice need to apply as a pair or will MCA match us up?

Pairs must to apply together. If you are interested in the program but need assistance pairing up with someone, then send a message on our Contact Us page. We offer our assistance but cannot guarantee a match will be made.

Must we apply online?

Yes, applications must be submitted through this website. A proficiency in online technology and access to the internet is needed throughout the program. Ready to Apply?

Application help: Can we finish our application later?

Of course! We hope that you are prepared when you sit down to apply, but life happens.

Register for our site to create a Username and access this feature. We recommend that you do this before you begin answering any questions. Please create only one Username to share with your partner. Use a combination of your last names such as [apprenticelastname-masterlastname]:

  • example: “smith-jones” for Bob Smith and Carol Jones
  • example: “stanley-garcia-green” for Sam Stanley and Sarah Garcia-Green

When you are signed in, you will see a Save this Application button near the bottom of the application. If you do not see the button then you are not logged into your account. Click the button will save your work.

When you want to resume your work, visit our Continue an Application page. Log in to access your account and load your saved work. A complete set of instructions are on that page.

While savings or submitting, DO NOT manually reload, navigate, or close the page  while it is processing or your work will not be saved.

All applications must be completed by the deadline. Incomplete applications that have been completed and submitted will not be considered.

Application help: We lost our password, what do we do?

Our site can handle your registration and any password resets. Visit the Continue an Application page to attempt a log in. Incorrect submissions will trigger an Error message and “Lost your Password?” link. Follow those instructions to reset your passwrod using the email address tied to your Username.

Our staff does not have access to your account credentials, nor can we reset passwords.

Application help: What kind of files can we use?

We accept PDFs and JPGs.  You’ll see the designation beside each item we are requesting.

File formats may not exceed 2MB per item.

What are you doing with the information that you collect?

Once the participants for MaineCAP have been selected, all saved and submitted applications and file uploads, as well as user info will be deleted and removed from our website.

Click here to review our terms of service and privacy policy.

We have questions that we can't find on this site.

We do our best to provide a thorough set of info for MaineCAP.  If you have a question please Contact Us.