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MaineCAP offers Maine-based master craft artists and apprentices the opportunity to learn, create, and celebrate. Photos generously shared by Jenny Wylde Photography.

How to Apply

Review the application and gather the required materials and resources.


Complete your application in at least two phases. Create and save your work at the end of section 4. Then, upload all files in Section 5 as your final task.

  • Phase 1: Sections 1-4 | All text answers
  • Phase 2: Section 5 | All files uploads


During Phase 1, applications may be accessed and saved in multiple visits. Whenever you resume your work, the last saved version of your application will be loaded.


Applications for Maine CAP 2017 are due by midnight December 8, 2017. There is no staff assistance available after 4pm.

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Application Questions (pdf)

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