The Maine Crafts Association, in partnership with the Maine Arts Commission, offers a statewide apprentice program for contemporary craft practitioners.


The program is a seven-month (approximately 100 hours) learning experience for apprentices who demonstrate a commitment to further their abilities as specialized craft practitioners; they accomplish this through a significant relationship with a master artist. The program serves to celebrate the role of the master/apprentice relationship as a way to generate creative entrepreneurship through the cultural sector.


CAP addresses the need in Maine for developing sustainability and resiliency in the craft sector by allowing craft artists to acquire new skills, tools and management habits that help them adapt to the changing environment of craft consumers.


Program Objectives

  • Providing makers with relevant and alternative educational experiences.
  • Promoting and facilitating craft as a viable career path.
  • Fostering deliberate mentoring.
  • Facilitating professional development of emerging makers.
  • Increasing pool of craft makers in the state.
  • Providing makers with alternative means of professional funding.
  • Develop and promote peer learning in the Maine craft community.

2016, 2017 Sponsor
Maine magazine is the exclusive 2016 & 2017 magazine sponsor of the Craft Apprentice Program and Exhibition.